Hello! Welcome to the official blog for Oakland International High School's Community Garden and Wellness Program! My name is Liza Jade Richheimer. I am one of the founding teachers at OIHS. This year thanks to a generous family foundation, I am lucky enough to be the coordinator of the Community Garden and Wellness Program.
My goals for the program are: to build and grow on-site gardens with students through science classes and after-school programs, to run after-school bike club twice a week, to teach a cooking class and a winter yoga class, to support Oakland Unified School District's mission of improving their cafeteria food, and to create a culture of environmental stewardship at our school.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

About Me

I am the coordinator of the Community Garden and Wellness Program at Oakland International High School. I have worked at Oakland International High School since its inception. I also taught in New York at two different International Schools. I have taught Science, Nutrition and Health, and Yoga. At OIHS I have worked as the Coordinator of Student Interventions, the Parent Coordinator, the Mental Health Coordinator and the PE teacher and Science teacher. I have been working in education for 20 years. I have worked as an environmental educator and as an outdoor educator. From these experiences I have found that my primary focus and intention is to create authentic, hands-on experiences for my students that broaden their perspective and expand their access to healthy choices. I would like for everyone to have access to healthy, fresh produce, bicycles, and a little bit of soil to grow some food!

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  1. YOU ARE DOING SUCH A GOOD THING. The dirt loves you, the planet loves you, the vegetables love you and the kids owe you a great debt of gratitude to introduce them to such a valuable and poignant pursuit. Got to love the earth, elbow deep in it's dirt.